The IRAL Lab: Research

The Interactive Robotics and Language lab is a research laboratory in UMBC's Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department. Our research focuses on how robots can flexibly learn from interactions with people and environments, making it possible for them to learn to manage tasks in noisy, real-world environments, instead of being pre-emptively programmed to handle a fixed set of predetermined tasks.

While robots are increasingly important in every aspect of our society, the need for trained specialists to manage them remains a bottleneck in making them a useful part of day-to-day life. Our research focuses on combining robotics, natural language processing, and machine learning to build systems that non-specialists can instruct, control, and interact with intuitively and naturally. This work not only makes robots more useful, but also demonstrates the power of bringing these traditionally disparate branches of research together.

huskyjaco robot myo input device huskyjaco robot, top view huskyjaco robot, sensor view falcon input device huskyjaco robot, side view