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Dr. Cynthia Matuszek's research is in the intersection of robotics and natural language for HRI. She is an associate professor in UMBC's Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department and the founder of the IRAL research lab. Dr. Frank Ferraro's research is focused on natural language processing, computational event semantics, and unlabeled, structured probabilistic modeling over very large corpora. He is an assistant professor in UMBC's Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department.
Dr. Don Engel's research spans robotics, vision, and immersive human-robot interaction. He is UMBC's Assistant Vice President for Research, and an affiliate assistant professor of both physics and computer science. He is the founder of the AVAIL lab. Dr. Edward Raff performs research in a number of areas, including machine learning, malware analysis, adversarial ML, fingerprint biometrics, and fairness in AI. He is a Chief Scientist with Booz Allen Hamilton, and a visiting affiliate professor at UMBC computer science. bit.ly/2zh9Dm3



Christian Angel
Ryan Barron
Adam Berlier
Grounded language conditioned probabilistic and causal reasoning for robot action planning in novel environments/scenarios. Reinforcement learning for stable policies in human-robot interaction.
Nadja Bzhilyanskaya
Kasra Darvish
Designing probabilistic graphical models to train robots for interacting with humans using natural language. Multimodal representation learning and alignment.
Shubhashis Roy Dipta
Mohammad Eskandari
Padraig Higgins
Improving telepresence with embodied capabilities.
Maithili Kadam
Mehdi Rezaee
Using machine learning for event and language modeling, focusing on event representation.
Luke Richards
Semantic parsing of grounded language to improve fairness and explainability.
Sai Vallurupalli


Aidan Newell

Research Undergraduates

Quentin Richards
Sianna Serio